Riska Licores Code of Good Practice

1. Introduction

Licores Riska was born as a manufacturer and distributor of quality spirits and soft drinks and as such it is our mission to develop a long-term sustainable business, for which Riska must ensure that its brands and products, especially those with alcoholic content are promoted and distributed responsibly.

For this reason, Riska introduces this code of good practice, aware that the spirits market requires not only legislative regulation, but also self-regulation by the company itself. With this aim in mind, this code is born.

Riska wants adults who choose to drink alcohol to do so responsibly and to discourage alcohol abuse. We believe that promoting responsible consumption of our brands in a way that is compatible with a healthy and balanced lifestyle is crucial to the development of a successful and sustainable business.

2. Purpose of the Code

The purpose of this Code is to establish guidelines for responsible marketing and advertising to adults of legal drinking age who choose to consume alcohol. Our objectives for sales, marketing, promotion and advertising activities are to compete in brand selection among adult consumers and to provide responsible communication to them.

3. Responsible consumption

Marketing communications should never support or approve any illegal, irresponsible or immoderate use, such as binge drinking or drunkenness, or associate consumption with the use of machinery, driving or any potentially dangerous activity or hobbies.
It should not be suggested that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is associated with bullying or violent, aggressive, dangerous, or antisocial behavior.
The message of responsible drinking (Responsible drinking) should be conveyed to all advertising.

4. Alcohol and driving

Any advertising communication should not represent, encourage or approve the driving of any type of vehicle after drinking alcohol.

The consumption of alcohol should not be represented or encouraged before or during the use of machinery, while driving or performing any potentially hazardous activity or hobbies.

5. Discourage underage use

Alcohol consumption should not be advertised or marketed in any way or for the purpose of attracting people under the legal drinking age.
Commercial communications should not depict persons under the legal age of purchase of alcohol, nor should they depict objects or images that primarily attract such persons.

6. Graduation

The alcohol content of each of the beverages produced must be clearly reflected on the packaging in accordance with the relevant legal requirements.

7. Sexual and social success

Our brands and consumers can be represented by enjoying experiences and carrying out activities that reflect social and personal responsibility.
Commercial communications should not suggest that alcohol consumption enhances sexual ability, attractiveness, masculinity or femininity, or suggest any association with sexual activity or sexual success.

8. Tasting (including promotions in shops)

In tasting sessions, the product is unconditionally offered free of charge to the general public in a public place, including licensed premises.
Each Riska product has its own unique characteristics and, occasionally, consumers will want to try different styles to expand their tastes and discover new brands.

9. Digital communication

Digital marketing communications should include a clearly visible message of responsible consumption.
Commercial communications should only be placed where it is reasonably expected that they will reach the threshold of at least 75 % of the public over the legal age for buying alcohol.

10. Sponsorship

Each new sponsorship should include a recognizable commitment to promoting responsible drinking and/or supporting recreational or community activities, taking into account the size, scale, scope and duration of the sponsorship.

11. Licenses

Riska will not license its trademarks for content of a markedly childlike nature or for similar characterizations or for other materials primarily intended for persons under the legal drinking age.
Riska will only license its brands for items that are intended for adult audiences and in no case related to irresponsible consumption, driving after alcohol consumption, excessive consumption, violence, antisocial or sexual misconduct.

12. Consultations

For any queries or complaints regarding this code, please contact our marketing team at the address below:

Licores Riska, S.L.
Carretera de la Estación, 12
23740 Andújar (Jaén)

Or by e-mail to marketing@riska.es with the subject Code of good practice.